Call for Papers and Presentations: WCCA 2014


Another year is upon us. The second Warnborough College Conference on the Arts (WCCA) takes place in Canterbury between 18 to 21 August, 2014.

This year’s conference is bigger and better, with more streams or ‘tracks’. We are looking for new papers and presentations, so if you are interested (or know someone who is), get over to the WCCA website. All the guidelines for submissions are available including the contact details for each track director.

We are also having a Short Film festival, so budding film makers should take note and submit their entries early.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Graduate Interview: Vernon Burger, II

20140121-161309.jpgVernon Burger II graduated in a MA in History of Ideas. Thank you Vernon, for answering to these questions and for sharing with us your learning experience.

Why did you choose this career?
Because I love a career in this field.

What did you know about the program before you applied?
I knew very little about the programme.

Why did you choose to apply to our program?
Because it offered flexibility along with academic rigor.

In what ways have your previous experience prepared you for graduate study in our program?
This programme has taught me to analyse, to think creatively and to persevere to an objective.

Describe any research project you’ve worked on during the programme. What was the purpose of the project and what was your role in the project?
My thesis was on Eco-Justice: A Biblical Approach to the redemption of Ecology. I saw the project through the entire way.

How would your professors/mentors describe you?
I think they would describe me as driven and dedicated.

How will you be able to make a contribution to this field now that you are a graduate?
Hopefully being an adjunct professor somewhere.

What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?
I like to read, sports, to hike and to hang out with my family.

Did you find difficult to study and work at the same time? How did you organise your time? What would you do differently? Why?
Not really. I am very disciplined with my time.

Tell me about your experience in this field. What was challenging? What was your contribution?
All of it has been very challenging, which is why I enjoyed it so much.

What are your career goals? How will this program help you achieve your goals?
To continue with the non-profit organisation ‘His Voice Global’ and to be a professor.

What do you think about the experience with your mentor?
The experience with Dr. Mazhar was amazing.

Mr. Vernon Burger II is currently studying a PhD at Warnborough College.
Interested in knowing more things about our programme in History of Ideas? Please check our Master and PhD programmes for more information.