Dr Brenden and Dr Daryl Tempest-Mogg, with Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan

Warnborough Leaders Meet Education Secretary

Dr Daryl Tempest-Mogg and Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg with UK Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, MP
Dr Daryl Tempest-Mogg and Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg with UK Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, MP

An enjoyable social evening was spent the other week at historic Knowlton Court, near Canterbury where  Dr Brenden, Dr Daryl and Dr Julian associated with local politicians. The Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities, Nicky Morgan M.P. was in attendance. Dr Brenden expressed to her our concerns about the problems facing private colleges regarding accepting overseas students and their right to work. He stressed that considerable damage is being done by inequitable UKBA regulations and mentioned that overseas students were now flocking to Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada where they felt ‘welcomed’. Nicky understood the problems, and said the government was doing its utmost to protect the reputation of British education!

Well, overseas students have always been welcomed at Warnborough since 1973, and we continue to do so.

Alternative Options for an Accredited, Affordable and Achievable Degree

ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS for an Accredited, Affordable and Achievable Degree

WARNBOROUGH COLLEGE  has been a leading innovator of flexible study for over 41 years. It is committed to helping busy adults  balance study with their lifestyle: www.warnborough.edu

WARNBOROUGH understands how important flexibility is to you. With a wide range of qualifications available by Distance Learning you can choose to study from home or anywhere for an accredited degree – graduate or undergraduate – BA, MA, MBA, MFA, PhD, EdD, DBA . And we have 12 intakes per year for our degree offerings. To check out what Distance Learning is about, how it works, and the scholarships available, then please visit: www.warnborough.ie
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Warnborough is student focused to meet your needs, and provides pathway options to enhance your education, your career and your status.

NEW: Master of Arts in Film Studies

We are proud to announce the launch of a Master of Arts (MA) in Film Studies.

Created and run by film industry experts, this programme is a scintillating journey into the history of cinema and video. Delve into different genres or specialise in the areas you are interested in.

This inter-disciplinary programme even offers students the opportunity to customise the programme to quite a high extent. As always, the non-residency distance learning format provided by Warnborough College provides a level of flexibility and accessibility not found in many similar programmes worldwide.

Click here to see more information and view the modules on offer.

(Creative) Writing on the Wall?

I believe that everyone doing an academic programme should be forced to attend a creative writing course. Sure, there are naysayers out there who think that learning how to write poetry or a memoir is a waste of time (and money).

Academic writing is generally reader-unfriendly. Long, convoluted sentences in the third person paraphrasing things which were already paraphrased, and then referencing all that. How about waxing lyrical about this and that before you actually get to the main point (in order to allow your reader to ‘make up their own minds’)?

No, in general, thesis and dissertation writing is hideously boring, unspiring (uninspired?) and emotionally-unstirring (quite rightly so, argue the academics – academic work needs to be neutral).

So, let’s compare academic writing to creative writing for a second:

a) The Hypothesis

This is really like your overall outcome of your story, isn’t it? What’s the overall aim of you writing your story? Does the hero save the day/get the girl/die?

b) Methods, Materials and Data

What genre will you use for your story? Is it a murder mystery or science fiction or a romantic epic or a bildungsroman? This will dictate the plot devices you can use.

c) Literature Review, Experiments, Surveys, etc.

These are the plot devices you put in place in order to advance and enhance your story. What you do here will impact on your story later on.

d) Actual Content/Discussions/Debates

This is where mimesis comes in handy – you have represent or imitate the world of your experiments/research clearly so that your readers can identify with what you want to say. Every creative story has its own world, its own setting – this allows the reader to feel part of it all and identify with the characters which inhabit this created world. You need to be able to draw your reader into your thesis, make them understand your intent, empathise with what you are trying to do. When they can see it from your perspective, you can rest a lot easier.

e) Conclusions and Recommendations

Well, you need a strong ending just like in any good book. You must have resolved a lot, if not all, of the issues highlighted by your various plot devices. If there is scope for further research (a sequel), then allow for that possibility.

Therefore, writing a thesis is no different to writing a creative story or novel. In fact, creative writing techniques and principles will help you to enhance your academic work.

a) Tell your ‘story’ more creatively and effectively – e.g. change your timeline structures, write from other perspectives, etc.

b) Creative writers are more creative, observant, analytical, and critical in thought and deed – this allows them to approach their work with far more depth and problem-solving skills than the average thesis writer.

c) Use language that is more expressive, concise and engaging – you really don’t want your readers to get bored of you, or worse, not understand what you are saying.

d) Be better at punctuation, grammar and (para)phrasing – this increases the professionalism of your work and ensures that your meanings are not clouded, distorted or wrong.

e) Discover your own ‘voice’ – develop your own writing style, establish yourself as a readable academic (wouldn’t this make your books sell faster and better?).

Warnborough College offers creative writing courses by distance learning, from short courses to a MA in Creative Writing and a PhD in Creative Writing.


The MBA in Construction Management has been designed for personnel working in the construction industry at the executive level. The programme is designed so that the MBA may be achieved through self-paced study by distance learning, onsite courses and/or blended learning. Career experience in the construction industry is taken into consideration for entry to the programme, and candidates are eligible for advanced placement for recognised prior learning. On this basis it is not a requirement to hold a first degree. All candidates are assessed on an individual basis and they may contact in Melbourne (Australia) AISI for a free consultation prior to submitting an application:

Call AISI: +61 (3) 9671 4400  Email: info@aisi.vic.edu.au Website: www.aisi.vic.edu.au

Course Requirements

 The MBA in Construction Management requires successfully completing 8 modules. A final project, and attendance at the concluding MBA workshop and networking event is required.


* Risk Management                               * Managing Marketing

* People Management                            * Managing Organisations

* Project Management                           * Management Strategy

* Legal Obligations in Construction     * Management Accounting and Finance

Final Project

This is a Customised Project which is aimed at consolidating all the knowledge learnt in the modules into an applied outcome.

MBA Workshop and Networking Event

This is a three day programme and is a requirement of the course, and provides an opportunity to meet colleagues in the construction industry. There will be workshops, seminars and group activities including a welcome reception and a farewell dinner. The venue may be held in Sydney/Melbourne (Australia), Canterbury/London (UK) or in other locations.


All faculty are academically qualified and have industry experience. The Academic Committee oversees the standards of the course and is responsible for quality assurance at all levels.

Start Date

Any time for distance learning. Onsite please refer to the website: www.aisi.vic.edu.au

To Learn More About the MBA in Construction Management: Call AISI: +61 (3) 9671 4400 Email: info@aisi.vic.edu.au Website: www.aisi.vic.edu.au