Oxford Certificate in Leadership

Dr Brenden at Oxford Union

Dr Brenden at the Oxford Union

This is a two week  Warnborough College certificate  course that takes in the venues of Canterbury, London and  Oxford. Participants will be exposed to interesting lectures and workshops. The teaching approach will be  interactive and lively, with teamwork and leadership exercises. Participants will leave with a more in-depth appreciation of leadership concepts, how to work with people, negotiate, and how to overcome real issues while enjoying an excellent cultural programme that takes in the highlights of these famous cities. As a Life Member of the Oxford Union Debating Society I will host drinks and a private tour of this famous facility where so many British Prime Ministers and world leaders have ‘trained’. The course is limited to 12 participants. Open to all nationalities – individuals or groups. It will be offered by agreed dates for a group  booking. For expressions of interest please email me: president@warnborough.ac.uk

IADM Graduation in Lahore, Pakistan

IADM Graduation in Pakistan

STEP – Institute of Art, Design and Management (IADM) has been working with Warnborough College Ireland (WCI) since 2006. Through STEP, students who obtain an Edexcel Higher National Diploma (HND) can earn a degree through a special top-up programme.

Degrees are offered in Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Business Administration.

In mid-December 2014, WCI Vice-President, Dr Julian Ng, visited STEP at its new campus in Lahore, Pakistan. A few blocks away is IADM’s sister campus, Melange, for beauty and hair design courses.

Top-up final year fashion design students put on a showcase of their project collections. Everything was presented immaculately, and the students have done both IADM and WCI proud. Design elements were taken from different sources ranging from the 16th century Versailles court styles to Mongolian patterns and ethnic Pakistani motifs.

Dr Julian Ng made several well-received presentations, working with both STEP staff, as well as with teachers from other schools. Many new initiatives were discussed and will be announced in 2015.

Culminating the visit was a graduation ceremony for this year’s graduates. Congratulations to all graduates and to STEP-IADM for their excellent education opportunities.

IADM Graduation in Lahore, Pakistan (December 2014) Fashion design showcase by final year IADM-WCI  student IADM Graduation in Lahore, Pakistan (December 2014) Fashion design showcase by final year IADM-WCI  student Fashion design showcase by final year IADM-WCI  student


St. Michael's Church, Cumnor (nr Oxford)

St. Michael’s Church, Cumnor (nr Oxford)

It was with sadness that we learnt of the sudden death of Mrs Diana Carter who was senior secretary at Warnborough for over ten years while we were based at Boars Hill, Oxford. During this time, Diana made a significant contribution to the efficient running of the college. She would arrive in her classic green sports car which became her ‘trademark’.  Diana retired in 1996 and spent her time painting, writing poetry, singing in the local church choir, gardening and looking after her dogs. A Service of Thanksgiving for Diana was held at St. Michael’s Church, Cumnor Village, where she had spent many happy years of her life. Not only will she be missed by her children and grandchildren but by all those who worked with her over the years. Brenden and Daryl represented Warnborough at this Service for Diana – a remarkable lady and friend. Those who wish to make a donation for the Diana Carter Scholarship Fund should contact: president@warnborough.ac.uk

Mrs Diana Carter, Warnborough College

Diana Carter, with her beloved MG sports car.