Dr Yusuf Abdul Jobbar receives an Honorary PhD

Distinguished Educator Nominated for Honorary PhD.

Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar Torofdar


Dr Yusuf Abdul Jobbar receives an Honorary PhD from Warnborough College

World class educator and leadership strategist Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar Torofdar has been nominated to receive an honorary doctorate for outstanding service and contribution to the field of Education. This will be awarded by Warnborough College (Ireland). Yusuf has been serving the field of education for over 15 years. His achievements vary and include service both to the private and public sectors. He started his career as an educator who has authored books, written various journal articles and presented at many conferences around the world.

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia he has contributed immensely to the field of education by holding several senior posts at a young age. Specifically, he has held the post of Chair of Department at 3 universities (2 of which are government universities). As an expat in Saudi Arabia, it is rare to be appointed at such senior level. He was instrumental in building these departments at those 2 newly established universities. Additionally in the private sector he has been championing the raising of standards in global education. He has led a team of experts to successfully deliver a 3 year British Council (DFID funded) educational leadership program across the Middle East (Iraq-Kurdistan, Jordan, Palestine and Occupied Territories).

Furthermore, close to home he has been active in the local communities as a bastion of improving community cohesion and promoting global citizenship through his research efforts; one of which include his PhD thesis which focuses on strategic leadership styles in UK Islamic schools. His list of outstanding achievements continues, therefore without a doubt he deserves this award as a token of appreciation for the great work he has done. The ceremony will take place in July in Canterbury. Well done and many congratulations!  Dr. Brenden D. Tempest-Mogg


Ageas CEO Gets Honorary PhD

Stuart Fraser, CEO of Ageas Insurance Company in Hong Kong, receives an honoris causa from Warnborough College Ireland

Warnborough College Ireland President, Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg, presented a PhD Honoris Causa to Stuart Fraser, the CEO of Ageas Insurance Company Asia, on 5 February 2015 at the Ageas headquarters in Hong Kong.

Dr Fraser was nominated last July for the award by Dr Peter Lau, the former head of Ageas Academy which has put through 70 Masteral candidates. As CEO, Dr Fraser steered the changeover and rebranding of Ageas from the Belgian giant, Fortis, to great success. He actively encouraged a culture of learning and professional development, leading to the establishment of the Ageas Academy. He is highly-respected within his industry and has also contributed to many charitable and community causes, including the Kitchee Foundation.

Dr Fraser will continue to champion the cause of personal and professional education and we are proud to induct him as an alum of Warnborough College.

stuart-fraser-ageas-ceo-honoris-causa-2 stuart-fraser-ageas-ceo-honoris-causa-3

Participants at the Ageas-Warnborough Management Workshop in Hong Kong

Management Seminar in Ageas Hong Kong

Dr Peter Lau, former head of Ageas Academy, with Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg, Dr Matina Chronopoulou and Dr Julian Ng

A full day management seminar was presented by key Warnborough professors on 6 February at Ageas Academy and open to select Ageas members including WCI MBA and DBA students who are based in Hong Kong.

The event was organised by Warnborough College Ireland partner,  Higher Education Services, together with Ageas Insurance Company (Asia).

Attendees (comprising selected Ageas staff and Warnborough MBA/DBA students in Hong Kong) participated in a rare lecture by Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg on self-esteem and personal development entitled “Life is a Pitch”. Interactive groups were formed to workshop various topics.

This was followed by a hands-on workshop on stress reduction through natural techniques by world-renowned naturopath and WCI Director of Naturopathy and Complementary Medicine, Dr Matina Chronopoulou. This was particularly appreciated by those living in the high-pressure environment of Hong Kong. Dr Chronopoulou made the participants dance and move, and taught them various points in their bodies which could be stimulated to release stress. Demonstrations of acupuncture and other therapies got the audience talking.

A seminar on Creative Marketing was given by Dr Julian Ng to conclude the special management seminar. Participants looked at traditional marketing models and flipped those to include new channels and media. Various team-building activities got participants off their chairs – these were designed to stimulate lateral and critical thinking. The event was a success and observers included top insurance company executives from China and Thailand.

Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg leads a session on self-esteem, motivation, and personal selling Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg leads a session on self-esteem, motivation, and personal sellingDr Matina Chronopoulou leads the participants in a body movement and awareness exercise Dr Matina Chronopoulou explains how parts of the body are linked through the feet Dr Julian Ng presents a workshop on Creative Marketing for non-traditional markets  Participants in Dr Julian's session take part in a teambuilding activity which required the use of lateral thinking and creativityDr Matina speaks to students about stress management