New Mentor: Kristiene Clarke

Warnborough Mentor, Kristiene Clarke

Warnborough Mentor, Kristiene Clarke

Profile of Warnborough mentor, Kristiene Clarke.

Kristiene Clarke is an accomplished film and television director with a strong background and training in all aspects of film production. She has over 70 flagship credits having worked for the BAFTA award winning BBC arts series ARENA, Channel 4, ITV, Channel Five and many overseas broadcasters. Kristiene has also created films for non-governmental organisations, charities, third sector institutions and international clients such as the United Nations, Ogilvy Mather , International Planned Parenthood Federation and the World Health Organisation. Her films have won awards at many international film festivals and she has the accolade of three major international retrospectives, and work screened at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the British Film Institute, Smithsonian Museum, Directors Guild of America, the Jerusalem Cinematheque, Goethe Institute and the Australian Film Institute. Kristiene has held academic positions at the University of Kent and been a visiting lecturer at several other UK universities: the University of Manchester, London School of Economics, Queen Mary and Royal Holloway, University of London and she has also mentored individuals and groups at various vocational training institutions.

In addition to the production and exhibition of her films and teaching responsibilities further actions include creative workshops, trainings, master-classes, seminars, lectures, forums, reports, publications, websites and consultancies. Other experience includes one-to- one mentoring and delivering master-classes in locations as diverse as prisons, young peoples detention facilities , corporate boardrooms, summer camps, favelas in Brazil and presentations at film festivals, academic conferences and other cultural forums throughout the world.

Kristiene has a strong commitment to the knowledge transfer and the teaching of creative practice. She feels contemporary film and television education addresses fundamental questions about the possibilities and limitations of the medium of film and about the nature of representation, technology, aesthetics, subjectivity, gender, social justice, human rights and creativity.

Because filmmaking is grounded in understanding human experiences and interactions that yield outcomes which can be individually liberating, intellectually and culturally enlightening Kristiene’s approach to teaching therefore is to provide strong and rigorous training in all aspects of film theory, film production (narrative, experimental and factual) blending this with the critical analysis of the film, television and media industries challenge us to comprehend how the screen arts inform our understanding of culture and society, and how cultural knowledge and experience abide in moving images. Also the ways in which technologies of seeing are influenced by various social, economic, aesthetic and political concerns emphasising that far from simply being the static container of culture, film , television and media needs to be studied in its historical social, cultural and political complexity and context.

Kristiene believes it is from a core of creative practice and critical investigation other forms of inquiry can emerge, such as philosophical analysis, immersive and reflexive study, historical and cultural commentary, all of which add to the educational, learning and academic experience.

Through the process of making film, studying film and interpreting film, Kristiene hopes to evoke in her students an understanding of the human condition, and as new ideas are presented that help learners see in new ways so that they can be encouraged through engagement to experience themselves as passionate producers and creators rather than just as passive consumers, and as empowered rather than disempowered scholars, artists and thinkers.

Kristiene welcomes enquiries from students interested in any of the above creative disciplines or from those who wish to explore the theoretical aspects of film, television or the wider media industries.

When not making films, talking about film or teaching film, Kristiene’s interests are disability issues, and enjoying time with her dog, Harry, and cat, Burt. She also likes to spend time ‘messing around on boats’.

Partnership in Bolzano

Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg observes a student art project to recreate a Tibetan mandala

Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg observes a student art project to recreate a Tibetan mandala

Warnborough College President, Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg, and Vice-President, Dr Julian Ng, visited Bolzano in South Tyrolean Italy to cement a relationship with Waldorf Oberstufe Bozen (WOB). The visit was at the behest of WC Visiting Professor Urs Hauenstein, who made the introductions.

WOB is a college providing both primary and secondary level education to students, who will now have the option of studying at Warnborough College and its partner institutions. A foundation programme incorporating critical thinking and learning skills, together with an emphasis on linguistic ability and practical experience (through a work internship) will be offered and eventually married into WOB’s own curriculum from Year 11 onward.

Through this partnership in Bolzano, WC will have a new base in Italy.  Look out for special programmes offered in the beautiful and historic city of Bolzano in the coming months.

Prof Urs Hauenstein, Markus Feichter, Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg and Dr Julian Ng pose with the Deputy Mayor of Bolzano

Visiting Prof Urs Hauenstein, Bolzano Deputy Mayor Klaus Ladinser, WOB Principal Markus Feichter, Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg and Dr Julian Ng

Dr Tempest-Mogg said “The students at WOB are some of the brightest I’ve seen – they are all fluent in three languages, and have enhanced artistic skills.”

While there, the Warnborough delegates were treated to a WOB art exhibition at the City Hall, and a performance of the musical “Sister Act” by the Year 11 students, led by American expat teacher, Jennifer Roof.

The WOB art exhibition at the Bolzano City Hall

The WOB art exhibition at the Bolzano City Hall

WOB Principal Mr Markus Feichter was pleased with the relationship as the collaboration with WC opens more opportunities for his students and his school to engage with the wider world. “I look forward to welcoming Warnborough students from around the world to this beautiful part of Italy”, he said.

We look forward to a fruitful partnership with WOB and to expecting great things from our new WOB-WC students.

WOB classes are highly interactive, with students taking a hands-on role in their own learning.

WOB classes are highly interactive, with students taking a hands-on role in their own learning.