Dr Ray Morland Turns 90

Don’t Retire – Refire!

Warnborough College wishes to salute and applaud one of its most venerated members of faculty as Dr Ray Morland turns 90.   Ray, who is from New Zealand and now lives in Australia, has long been involved with Warnborough. He currently serves as Secretary of the Council, a position he had held for over a decade.

In his position he has participated as a proud emissary of the College, attending graduation and other events in countries as far afield as Australia, the UK, Malaysia and Hong Kong.  Dr Morland’s stalwart support for Warnborough over the years has been an inspiration. He has been a pioneer and a visionary whose unflagging determination, grit and charisma have inspired students and fellow faculty from all across the world.

Yet it is not only students and fellow academics who has benefited from Ray’s breadth of knowledge.  His compassion has long stretched to include other disadvantaged groups such as the elderly, homeless youth and Australian Aborigines for whom he has provided numerous consultancies on a voluntary basis.

Though he has seen more than any of us have ever forgotten, Dr Morland refuses to slow down.  “I don’t want to retire, I want to refire!” says the proud Kiwi to anyone unwise enough to suggest the Ray takes things easier.  His passion for always learning is an inspiration to Warnborough students past, present and future that no matter who you are, or how far life takes you, there’s always more to discover.

Happy Birthday, Dr Morland, from all of us at Warnborough College!

PhD Grad Dr Shurooq Amin speaks to BBC Hardtalk

Authoritarianism and conservatism have long been dominant forces in the Arab world, leaving artists to tread a delicate path – female artists especially so. Has that changed as a result of the tumult and chaos caused by the Arab uprisings? Stephen Sackur speaks to the Kuwaiti painter and poet Shurooq Amin. Has there been a cultural as well as political awakening in the Arab world?

Dr Shurooq Amin graduated from Warnborough College in 2007. She is a passionate believer in women’s rights as well as in creative expression.

See video below.

Graduate Chosen for Specialist Ethics Project

Warnborough Masters graduate, Arend van Campen, is selected to be part of a special project research ethicsWarnborough Masteral graduate, Arend van Campen, was specially selected to be part of a team of twelve PhD candidates on a large-scale research programme which aims to pool scientific knowledge about business ethics in the Netherlands. The team is led by seven professors of business ethics from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) and four other Dutch universities. The collaboration is unique because it involves five Dutch universities and the PhD candidates are all eminent within the corporate world. The PhD team will conduct innovative applied research into the future relevance of business ethics in the corporate sector over the next five years. Arend’s Masteral thesis focused on ethics and social responsibility in the oil and gas industries, in which he has worked for many years. The thesis contained many explosive (pardon the pun) elements including behind-the-scenes knowledge of how such large companies were able to behave responsibly (or not). We wish Arend good luck with his PhD quest and hope that the research will reveal lots more ground-breaking information. For more on the unique project, click here.