2016 IVETA Europe meeting at Warnborough College in Canterbury

IVETA Europe Meeting at Warnborough College

Warnborough College hosted the first IVETA Europe meeting for 2016 at its HQ in Canterbury on the 18th and 19th March.

A welcome reception with wine and nibbles was held at HQ on Friday leading on to a nice dinner at Café Rouge.

On Saturday the 19th, the proceedings began in earnest with a welcome speech by current IVETA Europe Vice-President, Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg. Mari Konturri, the former IVETA Europe VP, presented an introduction about IVETA and its strategic goals and activities, followed by a short presentation on her own institution, Luovi Vocational College.

Other institutions/organisations which presented included Innovative Knowledge Institute (France); Know and Can Association (Bulgaria); The Ronan Haughey Partnership (Ireland); Capture and Create (United Kingdom); Academy for Distance Learning (United Kingdom); Job Point Central (United Kingdom); Canterbury Arts Conference (United Kingdom); and Dispatch Training (Saudi Arabia).

Apart from IVETA policies, discussions also looked at how IVETA could improve networking amongst vocational education and training (VET) providers, accessing funding for projects, and involving various communities through outreach programmes.

Warnborough partners with Hanse Berufskolleg to provide internships for German students

German Interns in Canterbury

Warnborough College (UK) in Canterbury has welcomed 11 young achievers from our partner school, Hanse-Berufskolleg Europaschue in Lemgo, Germany.

The eleven students are taking part in work internships at various locations in Canterbury. The internships last for 3 weeks focusing on areas of career interest for the students, and this gives the interns a chance to improve their English and brush up on British history and culture.

This is the second group to come from Lemgo, and the pictures prove that they are enjoying the experience (so far).  The school Vice-Principal, Mr Bernd Wolter, came over with Mrs Anegrette Kollmeir-McNeil to oversee things. As part of the programme, the interns will visit Maidstone Television Studios, Dover Castle and other local attractions such as museums, art galleries, Roman ruins and gardens.

During their off days, the interns will be exploring London. Dr Brenden said: “I am impressed with their enthusiasm and determination to get as much as possible out of their three week stay, and to be involved with the varied activities of the college. Other groups are being planned to enable more students from Lemgo to come to Canterbury”.

Mr Wolter expressed interest to expand the ERASMUS Plus project to include teacher and staff exchanges with Warnborough. Together with our other European partners, we hope to make the collaboration multi-country in scope.

In anticipation of all this, we are learning how to drink more beer and eat sauerkraut.


ACS Principal, John Mason, visits Warnborough HQ

ACS Principal John Mason Visits Warnborough

Dr Julian Ng interview Mr John Mason

Dr Julian Ng interview Mr John Mason

The Principal of Australian Correspondence Schools (ACS), John Mason, visited Warnborough HQ last week to discuss extending the partnership between ACS and Warnborough.  The partnership has been going strong for over ten years. Many of our short courses are developed by or with ACS and the unique form of delivery means that the emphasis is on learning, rather than achieving a piece of paper.

Mr Mason is visionary in his approach and this is apparent in the video interview he did with Dr Julian Ng. In it, he talks about how and why he founded ACS – there was a glaring need for horticultural courses and no one was addressing this in Australia; what challenges educators and students face today – change itself; and his thoughts on accreditation – while education has advanced, the idea of accreditation and how it is done has not.

You can watch the full video below:

Warnborough and ACS will be launching a brand new project soon,  so stay tuned for updates.