Maria Jacketti - Medusa's Hairdresser: Skyclad

Creative Writing Developer’s New Book

Warnborough College Creative Writing program developer Dr Maria Jacketti’s first collection of poetry, Medusa’s Hairdresser: Skyclad was published by Anaphora Press of Stone Mountain Georgia in July.

Jacketti is a well-known translator of Chilean Nobel laureates Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda, having published a half dozen translations in the 1990s, which are still in print.

Skyclad spans almost 3 decades of Jacketti’s work, containing much poetry about family and distinct places. Most of the place-specific poems are set in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Other poems are set in northern New Jersey, outside of New York City.
Other poems offer a cosmological and spiritual fragrance. Overall, personas, namely “Medusa” and “Medusa’s Hairdresser” guide readers through the book and hint at more journeys to come.

Jacketti is a former college professor and currently works as a reporter and columnist at The Hazleton Standard Speaker. Her professional writing company is Mountain Laurel Copywriting and Content Creation.

Poet Craig Czury wrote of Medusa’s Hairdresser: “With all the cheek of a blasting cap, Maria Jacketti’s poetry unspring like a nest of hair.”

Klaus Gerken, editor of Ygdrasil Literary Journal wrote: “Medusa’s Hairdresser: Skyclad is Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde converted to magnificent poetry. It will revolutionize poetry in a way that the album revolutionized music.”

Buy your copy of Skyclad here.

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Warnborough Graduation 2015

Graduation 2015

Graduation this year was held at the Clagett Auditorium, Canterbury Cathedral Lodge in the afternoon of July 12th.
It was a happy and joyous occasion for the graduates and their families and friends.

Graduands collected their gowns from HQ before making their way to the Auditorium to get robed. A short rehearsal later and the guests were allowed into the Auditorium. Graduands marched into the hall to the regal strains of the Trumpet Voluntary, followed by faculty, and dignitaries.

This year’s Honoris Causa recipient was Dr Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar, who was unable to make it at the last minute. A recorded message was shown on his behalf.

Dr Philip Armstrong, CEO of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), was honoured as Student of the Year for his seminal work on Professional Counselling Supervision which he did as a requirement for his PhD. The work has been lauded by academics and practitioners in Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom.

Following the event, a photoshoot took place in the hall as well as out in the gardens of the Lodge, overlooking the majestic Canterbury Cathedral.

Dinner was held at 7pm at the Abbots Barton Hotel, a charming and lovingly-restored building. Here, graduates and their loved ones took time to mingle and network with each other before leaving with stellar memories of a splendid day.

Official photos can be purchased here. Just select the photos you want, pay for them, and we will email you the photos.

Some photos are published below.


Dr Ray Morland Turns 90

Don’t Retire – Refire!

Warnborough College wishes to salute and applaud one of its most venerated members of faculty as Dr Ray Morland turns 90.   Ray, who is from New Zealand and now lives in Australia, has long been involved with Warnborough. He currently serves as Secretary of the Council, a position he had held for over a decade.

In his position he has participated as a proud emissary of the College, attending graduation and other events in countries as far afield as Australia, the UK, Malaysia and Hong Kong.  Dr Morland’s stalwart support for Warnborough over the years has been an inspiration. He has been a pioneer and a visionary whose unflagging determination, grit and charisma have inspired students and fellow faculty from all across the world.

Yet it is not only students and fellow academics who has benefited from Ray’s breadth of knowledge.  His compassion has long stretched to include other disadvantaged groups such as the elderly, homeless youth and Australian Aborigines for whom he has provided numerous consultancies on a voluntary basis.

Though he has seen more than any of us have ever forgotten, Dr Morland refuses to slow down.  “I don’t want to retire, I want to refire!” says the proud Kiwi to anyone unwise enough to suggest the Ray takes things easier.  His passion for always learning is an inspiration to Warnborough students past, present and future that no matter who you are, or how far life takes you, there’s always more to discover.

Happy Birthday, Dr Morland, from all of us at Warnborough College!

PhD Grad Dr Shurooq Amin speaks to BBC Hardtalk

Authoritarianism and conservatism have long been dominant forces in the Arab world, leaving artists to tread a delicate path – female artists especially so. Has that changed as a result of the tumult and chaos caused by the Arab uprisings? Stephen Sackur speaks to the Kuwaiti painter and poet Shurooq Amin. Has there been a cultural as well as political awakening in the Arab world?

Dr Shurooq Amin graduated from Warnborough College in 2007. She is a passionate believer in women’s rights as well as in creative expression.

See video below.

Graduate Chosen for Specialist Ethics Project

Warnborough Masters graduate, Arend van Campen, is selected to be part of a special project research ethicsWarnborough Masteral graduate, Arend van Campen, was specially selected to be part of a team of twelve PhD candidates on a large-scale research programme which aims to pool scientific knowledge about business ethics in the Netherlands. The team is led by seven professors of business ethics from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) and four other Dutch universities. The collaboration is unique because it involves five Dutch universities and the PhD candidates are all eminent within the corporate world. The PhD team will conduct innovative applied research into the future relevance of business ethics in the corporate sector over the next five years. Arend’s Masteral thesis focused on ethics and social responsibility in the oil and gas industries, in which he has worked for many years. The thesis contained many explosive (pardon the pun) elements including behind-the-scenes knowledge of how such large companies were able to behave responsibly (or not). We wish Arend good luck with his PhD quest and hope that the research will reveal lots more ground-breaking information. For more on the unique project, click here.

New Mentor: Kristiene Clarke

Warnborough Mentor, Kristiene Clarke

Warnborough Mentor, Kristiene Clarke

Profile of Warnborough mentor, Kristiene Clarke.

Kristiene Clarke is an accomplished film and television director with a strong background and training in all aspects of film production. She has over 70 flagship credits having worked for the BAFTA award winning BBC arts series ARENA, Channel 4, ITV, Channel Five and many overseas broadcasters. Kristiene has also created films for non-governmental organisations, charities, third sector institutions and international clients such as the United Nations, Ogilvy Mather , International Planned Parenthood Federation and the World Health Organisation. Her films have won awards at many international film festivals and she has the accolade of three major international retrospectives, and work screened at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, the British Film Institute, Smithsonian Museum, Directors Guild of America, the Jerusalem Cinematheque, Goethe Institute and the Australian Film Institute. Kristiene has held academic positions at the University of Kent and been a visiting lecturer at several other UK universities: the University of Manchester, London School of Economics, Queen Mary and Royal Holloway, University of London and she has also mentored individuals and groups at various vocational training institutions.

In addition to the production and exhibition of her films and teaching responsibilities further actions include creative workshops, trainings, master-classes, seminars, lectures, forums, reports, publications, websites and consultancies. Other experience includes one-to- one mentoring and delivering master-classes in locations as diverse as prisons, young peoples detention facilities , corporate boardrooms, summer camps, favelas in Brazil and presentations at film festivals, academic conferences and other cultural forums throughout the world.

Kristiene has a strong commitment to the knowledge transfer and the teaching of creative practice. She feels contemporary film and television education addresses fundamental questions about the possibilities and limitations of the medium of film and about the nature of representation, technology, aesthetics, subjectivity, gender, social justice, human rights and creativity.

Because filmmaking is grounded in understanding human experiences and interactions that yield outcomes which can be individually liberating, intellectually and culturally enlightening Kristiene’s approach to teaching therefore is to provide strong and rigorous training in all aspects of film theory, film production (narrative, experimental and factual) blending this with the critical analysis of the film, television and media industries challenge us to comprehend how the screen arts inform our understanding of culture and society, and how cultural knowledge and experience abide in moving images. Also the ways in which technologies of seeing are influenced by various social, economic, aesthetic and political concerns emphasising that far from simply being the static container of culture, film , television and media needs to be studied in its historical social, cultural and political complexity and context.

Kristiene believes it is from a core of creative practice and critical investigation other forms of inquiry can emerge, such as philosophical analysis, immersive and reflexive study, historical and cultural commentary, all of which add to the educational, learning and academic experience.

Through the process of making film, studying film and interpreting film, Kristiene hopes to evoke in her students an understanding of the human condition, and as new ideas are presented that help learners see in new ways so that they can be encouraged through engagement to experience themselves as passionate producers and creators rather than just as passive consumers, and as empowered rather than disempowered scholars, artists and thinkers.

Kristiene welcomes enquiries from students interested in any of the above creative disciplines or from those who wish to explore the theoretical aspects of film, television or the wider media industries.

When not making films, talking about film or teaching film, Kristiene’s interests are disability issues, and enjoying time with her dog, Harry, and cat, Burt. She also likes to spend time ‘messing around on boats’.

RIP: Mary Virginia Shaver

Mary Virginia Shaver
1957 – 2015

It is with sadness that we learnt of the passing of Mary Virginia Shaver, 57, of Fayetteville, GA on April 26, 2015 at Southwest Christian Care Hospice. She was born in Tracy, California to Virginia Lee McCray Shaver and Edward George Shaver. Mary graduated with honours from St. Mary’s College of California. In 1978, Mary spent a summer semester at Warnborough College, Oxford where she made many friends, and fulfilled her wish to be an ‘ambassador for the United States, and for her Saviour, Jesus Christ.’

Mary followed in her father’s footsteps and worked for Bechtel Corporation, then later Pacific Gas and Electric before retiring early and moving from California to Fayetteville in 1994 to be near family. She quickly became involved with her Aunt Norma Smith’s Bridge Club, and expanded that hobby to include several more clubs. Mary was faithful to her Aunt’s friends and cared for many of them as well as her other “bridge ladies”. She leaves behind to mourn a host of faithful friends and family.

Mary was a lifelong animal lover and after extensive research decided to bring Bernese Mountain Dogs into her home. She raised and fostered eight dogs, many of whom were rescued animals. Mary formerly was active in many community groups including Fayette Republican Party, Fayette Kiwanis Club, and Humane Society. Most recently she was active in the Chattahoochee Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club, and Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America.

Mary’s last months were eased by the loving, compassionate care she received from Southwest Christian Care Hospice, and particularly Nurse Barbara Atkinson. Mary was not afraid of death, she knew she was going home to be with her Lord, and would be reunited with many family members and friends.

Mary will be missed by all those who knew her at Warnborough. If you wish to remember Mary with a memorial gift, she preferred you choose Southwest Christian Care Hospice, 7225 Lester Rd, Union City, GA 30291, USA.

In Memoriam: Jonathan Burrell

In Memoriam: Jonathan Burrell

In Memoriam: Jonathan Burrell

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our undergraduate degree coordinator, Jonathan Burrell. He was 29.

Jonathan was recommended to us by his social worker in 2010. We employed and trained him and although he did his work entirely from home, he was always a source of positivity and determination. He was always conscientious about work and provided many ideas to help improve things. What made Jonathan extraordinary was the fact that he was born without arms or legs.

He used special computer software and equipment, which would translate his voice-activated commands into actions. Thus, he could fulfil his duties without any problems. Jonathan is a great example of how distance education can help not only students but also the administrators to improve and enhance their lives. Despite his physical circumstances, he studied for a Bachelors in Media and Journalism. Always creative, yet diligent, Jonathan wrote many articles for us, interviewed students and teachers, and liaised between mentors and their students.

He will be very greatly missed!




Fighting Corruption In Ghana: Evidence Of Political Will In Democratic And Military Eras

WCI: Why did you choose this career?

– I have been a Public Sector Auditor for over 30 years. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession.

WCI: What did you know about the program before you applied?

-I search on the internet and decided that this was the best programme for me.

WCI: Why did you choose to apply to our program?

-Because Warnborough was about the only College offering PhD by Publication online. The payment in terms was also reasonable.

WCI: In what ways have your previous experience prepared you for graduate study in our program?

-My previous experience as a Chartered Accountant and Auditor General of Ghana helped me in my studies.

WCI: How would your professors/mentors describe you?

-I am a hard working person and an excellent student .I can also be an obedient person despite my age and position.

WCI: How will you be able to make a contribution to this field now that you are a graduate?

-I will do further research. I will also welcome any visiting lecturer (professor) position on the subject. I believe that my over thirty years experience will help.

WCI: What are your hobbies?   What do you do in your spare time?

– I like to read and to watch football. I also like to watch drama and investigation movies on television.

WCI: Did you find difficult to study and work at the same time? How did you organise your time? What would you do differently? Why?

-Fortunately when I started the programme I was retired so I was able to devote more time to the study. I would have liked to do this programme at a much younger age. At my age it was sometimes difficult.

WCI: What are your career goals? How will this program help you achieve your goals?

-My career goal now is to be a visiting lecturer overseas and to share my experience with the developed world. I hope that I can get a College or a University to give me that opportunity.

WCI: What do you think about the experience with your mentor?

-My mentor was highly qualified, experienced and considerate. I found him to be at the top of his job. He was always willing to help. I will always be very grateful to him for that.