Warnborough College Ireland Commencement Exercises 2016

Commencement in Canterbury

The 4th of September saw commencement exercises in Canterbury for some of Warnborough College Ireland‘s students at the Clagett Auditorium within the historic Canterbury Cathedral precincts. Participants came from places such as Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, Angola, Greece, the USA and China.

The event began with a trumpeted fanfare by celebrated maestro Kevin Kay Bradley. Dr John Allen, Chairman of the Warnborough Council, opened proceedings with a welcome address. He was followed by WCI President, Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg, who underlined the importance of ongoing education, and the fact that people learn in different ways (both formally and informally). He spoke about the competency framework which had been used to evaluate several of the day’s graduates, and how that could be a boon for people who had worked their way up in industry.

Our guest commencement speaker was Councillor George Metcalfe, the Right Worshipful Lord Mayor of Canterbury. As one of the UK’s pioneer life coaches, he gave an inspiring talk about how one could showcase one’s talents in today’s competitive world. His salient advice and the knowledge amassed over 20 years was appreciated by all present, not least, the graduates.

Dr Souha Akiki from WCI partner, the Innovative Knowledge Institute (IKI) introduced her Doctoral graduate who was assessed primarily using the competency framework. Dr Matina Chronopoulou, our Warnborough Council member from Greece, ended with a heartfelt note of thanks, telling everyone to go after their dreams with a passion.

The Lord Mayor joined everyone back at Warnborough HQ for afternoon tea and chit chat.

Dinner was a French affair and everyone left sated and happy. Congratulations to all those who took part in the commencement exercises. Roll on 2017.