German Youth Mobility Partnership Yields Results

2017 marks the second year of collaboration with our German partner college, Hanse Berufskolleg, in Lemgo. Under the ERASMUS+ Youth Mobility scheme, Warnborough has hosted many European youths as they undergo various internships or training in different countries.

This year, the first batch of 9 German students arrived on 19th March with teacher Iris Köster. Taking up various positions in bookstores, hotels and other local businesses, the Erasmus+ Mobility scheme funds youths to experience living and working in a different country, using a language which is different from their mother tongue.

In the meantime, the students had to complete various tasks separate to their internship roles, while enjoying life in another country.

Programme coordinator, Annegret Kollmeier, arrived halfway through the internship to check that everything went well. She affirmed that the Youth Mobility scheme was of great benefit to the students in Lemgo and spoke of various case studies where students had excelled in their internships.

At the end of the stint, the interns were presented with their certificates of completion, and a goodbye party was held at the local pub. Some of the students had already fallen in love with Canterbury and vowed to return, even if only for a holiday.

The next batch of Hanse Berufskolleg interns will arrive in May.