Warnborough Worldwide Alumni Association (WWAA)

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All our students and graduates become members of the WWAA. Apart from organising regular events and activities, the WWAA serves to promote and enhance the Warnborough vision worldwide. We encourage our graduates to form local chapters wherever they are, and use these as an opportunity to do networking, create opportunities and foster learning. Visit the WWAA site to learn more.

Warnborough Publishing

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Founded in 2011, Warnborough Publishing publishes a range of instructional books, textbooks, e-books and very short courses. It provides an opportunity for our students and faculty to have their work published. The site is currently being revamped entirely.

WORLD Database

Warnborough Online Resource and Learners Database

This resource is for all registered Warnborough students – they can check their registration, update their personal details, and other things. Go to the website.

Canterbury Arts Conference (CArtsCon)

What began initially as the Warnborough College Conference on the Arts (WCCA) has grown into an annual event bringing the best of the world to Canterbury to share, discuss and learn around a central theme.

The Warnborough Moodle

The Warnborough Moodle

Access all your course materials here.

Warnborough Online Course Materials

This is our new portal for course materials.