New Warnborough partner in Paderborn, Germany

Partner in Paderborn

The Berufskolleg Schloss Neuhaus (BSN) invited Warnborough College to present its programmes to key staff members for partnership opportunities in Paderborn, Germany. The College takes its name after the Schloss Neuhaus (New House Palace) close by, and is located in a beautifully-landscaped residential area of Paderborn.

BSN head, Matthias Gross, outlined his plans for European partnerships and expressed his desire to work with Warnborough College for apprenticeships and student transfers. The first programmes are expected to kick off in Spring 2017.

The visit coincided with the annual Frühlingfest (Spring Festival) during which the Germans expressed their love for all things Spring with outdoor music performances, food galore, and general frolicking in the May sun.