Raymond Pettibon with Dr Matina Chronopoulou

Raymond Pettibon Art Retrospective

Our Dr Matina Chronopoulou (Program Director of the BSc in Naturopathy and Council Member) took time out of naturopathic meetings in Holland to attend her son-in-law’s art retrospective exhibition in Maastricht. Raymond Pettibon is a renowned American artist famous for his pop/punk comics-like art combined with disturbing, ironic or ambiguous text. His signature drawings evoke the history, mythology and culture of America, even as he lampoons, critiques and comments all that is normally held sacred.

Raymond Pettibon: A Pen of All Work” was originally exhibited at the New Museum in New York from February to April. It is the largest presentation of Pettibon’s work to date, featuring over 800 drawings spanning 50+ years. It also includes a number of his early self-produced zines and artist’s books, as well as several videos made in collaboration with fellow artists and his musician friends.

The exhibition opened at the prestigious Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht on June 2nd, and will close on October 29th. European art enthusiasts should book a ticket and see this amazing exhibition. Pettibon actually flew in one week early to create a special mural just for the Bonnefantenmuseum. Art fans will know that Pettibon’s work is as personal and emotional as it is witty. The mural features his son, Bo, and the family dog, Boo, and various elements with great meaning to the artist.

Dr Matina was proud to stand beside her son-in-law and even had a go at helping him paint his iconic work.  Very kindly, Raymond Pettibon penned best wishes to Warnborough for the Canterbury Arts Conference in July (thank you, Raymond!) before heading off to Moscow to unveil his next exhibition The Cloud of Misreading at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (curated by Massimiliano Gioni and Gary Carrion-Murayari).

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