Dr Raymond Morland receives an award for outstanding service from Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg

RIP Dr Raymond Morland

It is with great sadness to announce that we have lost Dr Raymond Morland on the 24th June, 2018 a day after his 93rd birthday.

Born in Dunedin (New Zealand) on 23rd June in 1925, Dr Morland was one of five children to working-class parents of Irish descent. He worked his way up while travelling the world in various capacities and changed many people’s lives with his ‘never say never’ attitude and his zest for learning.

Dr Morland became acquainted with Warnborough through his initial contact with President, Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg, and Vice-President, Dr Julian Ng, in 1998. After a fortuitious meeting in Newcastle, Australia in 1999, Dr Morland became a full-fledged Warnborough advocate. As Council Secretary, he had travelled on Warnborough’s behalf to many countries to create linkages and spearhead learning initiatives.

His favourite phrase was “I don’t want to retire – I want to refire!” which has attained a mantra-like reverence in Warnborough circles.

Dr Morland has changed the lives of those who knew him with his motivational approach to everything. He has always fought for everything throughout his life, and he never forgot to fight for others. He is survived by his dear wife, Lynn, and their stepson, Stephen. Their other stepson, Paul, passed away recently.

We salute this wonderful man and his achievements and feel blessed that he chose to spend the last twenty years of his life helping to shape and build the Warnborough vision. May his soul rest in peace.

Dr Raymond Morland’s last recorded interview in 2013.

The Man Who Crossed The Tracks

The Man Who Crossed The Tracks, by Dr Pamela Hatton

Council Secretary Dr Pamela Hatton fondly remembers Dr Ray Morland in her biography of him entitled “The Man Who Crossed the Tracks“. The book is now out on Amazon.