University Access

University Foundation or Access Courses

An Alternate Degree Pathway to University by Onsite, Distance Learning or Blended Learning

There are many pathways to university which do not require the completion of the ‘A’ levels or its equivalent (e.g. the International Baccalaureate, NVQs, etc.). We call these University Access Courses.

Warnborough College UK offers fast-track degree foundation pathways for Business students to graduate from UK and overseas universities. This is done by OnsiteDistance Learning  or Blended Learning options to allow flexibility to meet the needs of the student. See the time and cost benefits below:

University Access Courses Pathway

The benefits of university access courses are as follows:

  1. - It can shorten the time to achieve a degree.
  2. - It is affordable, with ‘pay-as-you go’options (per module) to save money and time.
  3. - Students can specialise in business and related subjects from the outset (our graduates report that they are often ahead of their peers when they transfer to university).
  4. - Students will receive a qualification at each stage (as opposed to only one from a university).
  5. - Start Distance Learning any day of the week and receive full support while studying.
  6. - Visas are not necessary if studying by Distance Learning - save on airfares and UK living expenses. There's no need to give up your current job.
  7. - Full academic supportuniversity and career advice available throughout your course.